Coffee from Austral Islands - Manureva

Coffee from Austral Islands - Manureva

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Pur Arabica Coffee from Austral islands

Roasted ground coffee in Rurutu island, manufactured by the agricultural cooperative in partnership with the municipality.

A single site : the Manureva coffee is grown in the heart of the southern islands, granaries of Polynesia, on fertile land of Tubuai, Rurutu, Rimatara, Raivavae and Rapa islands, with the best influences of the Pacific Ocean. It is a real exotic coffee.

A unique taste : coffee from the side of the world, it releases its full tasty and unusual aroma that makes it a typical coffee, fruity floral notes and green.

After opening, close carefully and keep preferably in the fridge.

Net Weight: 250 g

Keywords : Rapa | Raivavae | Rimatara | Rurutu | Tubuai


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