Tahitian calendar 2014 - Gauguin

Tahitian calendar 2014 - Gauguin

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With American holidays shown

This calendar is about 12 pages.

Two pages illustrate each month of the year: on the first page a picture of a painting by Gauguin with descand the second, the ephemeris of the month with the name, year and Museum of the painting. American holidays are included.

To hang on the wall through the hole provided for that purpose or to browse when you want, this calendar will provide you a few moments to escape everyday.

14 pictures of Painting : Portrait-charge, Autoportrait au chapeau, Autoportrait à l'ami Daniel, Pape Moe - L'eau mystérieuse, No te aha oe e riri - Pourquoi es-tu fâché ? , Mahana no Atua - Jour de Dieu, Nafea oe faai poipo - Quand te maries-tu ? , Maternité, Faa iheihe - Pastorale tahitienne, Upaupa - La danse du feu, Manao Tupapau - L'esprit des morts veille, Les pouceaux noirs, Hina Tefatou, Arearea - Joyeusetés, Poèmes barbares, Vahine no te tiare - La femme à la fleur, Les montagnes tahtiennes, Le repas.

Size : 11 x 8,5 inches