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Anti age beauty cream with virgin coconut oil

[50 ml / 1.76 Fl.oz]

In stock 19.95 €

Coco cream anti-oxidant for face and body

Assortment: Rum, Cream, Liqueur

[6x3 cl / 6x1 fl.oz]

In stock 21.50 €

Blue display : Assortment of 6 miniatures alcool.

Moisturizing anti-ageing Tamanu Face Cream - 2oz

In stock 13.50 €

Anti-ageing and multi-vitamin care cream with Tamanu for the face

Moisturizing Anti-wrinkle Noni Face Cream - 2oz

In stock 13.50 €

Revitalizing and moisturizer skincare cream

Tahitian Vanilla Cream

[70 cl]

In stock 35.00 €

For lovers of sweet and savory flavors : aperitif, digestif or cocktail