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Anti age beauty cream with virgin coconut oil

[50 ml / 1.76 Fl.oz]

In stock 19.95 €

Coco cream anti-oxidant for face and body

Assortment: Rum, Cream, Liqueur

[6x3 cl / 6x1 fl.oz]

In stock 21.50 €

Blue display : Assortment of 6 miniatures alcool.

Body scrub with Monoi oil from Tahiti - 7.04 fl.oz

In stock 19.00 €

A natural care moisturizing, soothing, regenerating

Bra coconut (Titi Coco) Adult

Available at supplier 20.00 €

Available in two sizes : standard and large

Coconut Virgin oil


In stock 11.00 €

Vegetable oil for health and cosmetic care

Coffee with Tahitian Coconut Milk - Noa Noa

[250g - 8.8 FL.oz]

In stock 7.25 €

Ground coffee with coconut : 50% Robusta and 50% Arabica

Collection of 6 Tahiti Monoi oil 120 ml 25%

Collection of 6 Tahiti Monoi oil 120 ml

[6x120 ml / 4.22 Fl.oz]

In stock 43.20 € 32.40 €

6 fragrance : Tiare, Vanilla, Coconut, Ylang Ylang, Frangipani (Tipanie), Jasmine (Pitate)

Collection of 7 Tahiti Monoi oil 60ml 27%

Collection of 7 Tahiti Monoi oil 60ml

[7x60 ml - 2.11 Fl.oz]

In stock 30.80 € 22.58 €

7 fragrance : Tiare, Vanilla, Coconut, Santalwood, Ylang Ylang, Frangipani (Tipanie), Jasmine (Pitat

Dry white wine Pineapple - 75 cl

[75 cl - 26.39 FloZ]

In stock 22.50 €

Pineapple replaces grapes

Dry white wine Pineapple - Half bottle

[37,5 cl / 13.2Fl.oz]

In stock 18.50 €

Pineapple replaces grapes

Flavored Coconut Tea Manutea


In stock 7.40 €

This tea was delicately scented by the infusion of coconut pulp of Tahiti

Handmade soap with Tamanu oil


In stock 4.40 €

Soap with soothing and healing properties.

Mango and pineapple jam


In stock 4.90 €

The sweetness of the mango and the crispy of the pineapple together in an authentic and tasty jam.

Mango jam


In stock 4.90 €

A jam colored as sun that reveals the juicy and fleshy flesh of the fresh mango.

Manutea Banana and Tahitian Vanilla Jam


In stock 4.90 €

A jam made with typical products of Tahiti.

Manutea Green Grapefruit Jam


In stock 4.90 €

The green grapefruit delights the buds as much by its smoothy and slightly taste by its bright color

Manutea Guava Jam


In stock 4.90 €

One of the richest fruits in vitamin C, guava evokes tropics with its sweet smell.

Displaying 1 to 20 (of 73 products)


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