Polo Hinano - Makereta - M

Polo Hinano - Makereta - M

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Short sleeve polo shirt with printed collar

Timeless but so Tahiti: pointy collar, closed with 3 buttons, printed with tiare flowers and a hinano vahine. On the chest, the logo of the famous brand Hinano.

Color: Midnight blue - Fabric: 100% embroidered cotton - Machine washable at 40°C

The Hinano vahine

Vahine (pronounced vahiné) means woman or wife in Tahitian language.

Since 1955 this vahine is the is the logo of the famous brand mark of the local beer Hinano. It was created by a suedish painter called Pierre HEYMAN who painted the first drawing in 1953. The logo is engraved on the bottles until 1957 when the first ticket appear, for the pleasure of consumers and tourists who collect them. Since, the Hinano ticket changed a lot.

The mythical hinano vahine became the symbol of Tahiti and her islands. She is sitting cross-legged, wearing a red sarong (Pareo) with local colors, a flower of hibiscus as an ear jewel and a crown of tiare flowers in her long hair.


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