Reva Monoï Balm

Reva Monoï Balm

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Last ordered: 8 days ago
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This voluptuous balm contains 90% of coconut oil from Tahiti (Monoï) and preserves your skin from dryness.

Perfumed Oil made from coconut oil and Tiare flowers, the “monoï” - symbol of purity, beauty and sensuality - is the emblem of Polynesia. The flowers buds are associated with coconut oil and copra by a traditional and aboriginal manufacturing process. Thus, this oil is from the mists of time, a real daily beauty care from plant and natural products that combines the moisturizing virtues of coconut oil and the soothing and softening properties of the Tiare flower.

Enriched in butter of SHEA, this balm nourishes and softens up your epidermis. His unique and patented texture leaves your skin soft and lightly perfumed.

Use for body mask or care for your hair before you shampoo, this balm will keep your skin well-being and smoothness and give your hair strength and shine.

Capacity: 3.3 fl.oz


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