Polynesian Tattoo - N° T49

Polynesian Tattoo - N° T49

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10 temporary tattoos Black and White

Patterns and dimensions :
- 7 figurative motifs patterns : 2 manta ray (5 and 6.5 cm) - 2 turtles (3 to 6.5 cm) - 3 dolphins (3.5 cm)
- 2 Marquesan patterns : round (1 cm)
- 1 double dolphins pattern (7 cm)

Temporary Tattoos :

All models are designed in Tahiti, inspired by ancestral tattoos Polynesian, Maori (or Maohi) and the Pacific Islands : Hawaii (kakau), New Zealand (ta moko), Tahiti (tatau Maohi), the Marquesas (te patu tiki), Samoa (pe'a).

Each pattern has a meaning according to the traditions, mythology, legends and proverbs :

For example, the Turtle (Te Honu in Tahitian language) represents the passage of man from the physical world to the spiritual world, as it is an animal both terrestrial and marine. It is the symbol of fertility, longevity and even immortality.

Manual :
- Cut out selected tatoo,
- Remove protective plastic,
- Apply tatoo on clean dry skin,
- Damp generously with wet sponge for about 30 seconds. Be carrefull not to move the sticker during operation,
- Peel off the paper and rince the skin,
- Once dry, the tattoo is waterproof,
- To remove : rub with baaby oil or alcohol.

Tattoos are presented in a semi-rigid plastic bag - Waterproof and nontoxic - Copyright Tahitian Tatoo - Reproduction prohibited.