Paradise Island Coffee - Limited Production

Paradise Island Coffee - Limited Production

Paradise Island Coffee - Limited Production

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[250 g]


[250 g]
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100% Arabica harvested in Rapa island

This coffee is 100% Made in Tahiti and her islands. It is harvested on a small scale in Rapa, the island's most southerly of French Polynesia. The most cultivated variety is the Red Cattura which has a large aromatic palette.

The beans were roasted and ground in Tahiti. As the production of this traditional family business is targeted for local consumption, it is a real privilege to access to this exceptional coffee.

Proud of the land that saw born, Tahitian people were able to convey to that purely local coffee, the whole volcanic spirit of their islands.

Born of a subtle marriage between the marked character of the Fenua (which means Land in tahitian language) and finesse of Arabica aromas, coffee paradise island proves to be a soft and suave coffee.

Bathed in a warm and humid climate, and grown on a fertile soil, this pure Arabica coffee exalts flavors and fragrances from Tahiti.

Smell the aromas of this coffee is leaving for a trip with a unique taste, impregnated from Tahitian soil.

To preserve the flavor and freshness of coffee after opening, carefully close the package and store in the refrigerator preferably.

Net weight : 250g

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