Pineapple candied with Rum

Pineapple candied with Rum

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from Manutea

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The "Queen Pineapple" or "Honey Pineapple" variety made the reputation of the Moorea island as its taste is unique.

The pineapple was brought in Moorea in the eighteenth century by a famous navigator, Captain Bligh. Stemming from plants adapted to local climatic conditions, the "Queen" or "Honey Pineapple" variety made the reputation of the island, as its taste is unique. Its perfect sunshine gives to fruits an amazing flavor. Small and intensely sweet the pineapple of Moorea is often stated as the best in the world.

Choosing carefully after 18 to 22 months of maturity, pineapples are cut, dried and preserved in sweet rum manufactured locally. The macerated Tahitian vanilla pods bring all their sensitivity to candied fruits.

You can enjoy it by itself, coupled with desserts, pastries, ice creams or gastronomic preparations.

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