Assortment: Rum, Cream, Liqueur

Assortment: Rum, Cream, Liqueur

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[6x3 cl / 6x1 fl.oz]
from Manutea


[6x3 cl / 6x1 fl.oz]

Blue display : Assortment of 6 miniatures alcool.

This display contains a selection of 6 miniatures of a volume of 3 cl each : White Rum 40°, Brown Rum 40°, Vanilla cream 15°, Coco cream 15°, Ginger spirit 20°, Pineapple spirit 20°.

Distilled with a copper still, these liqueurs are elaborated with local fruits.

Suggestions of use : liqueur and spirit, or to compose cocktails.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, Consume with moderation.

Quantity: 3 mignonnettes of 3cl (1fl.oz.)


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