Tiare Tahiti Jam


Tiare Tahiti Jam

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A homemade jam 100% local

Ingredients: Water, Flower petals Tiare Tahiti, Sugar, Gelling agent (pectin), Citric acid.

The Tiare flower (Gardenia Tahitentis) is the emblem of French Polynesia. Each jar of jam is made from about 40 tiare flowers. Gourmets will appreciate the more pronounced flavor of flower petals deposited at the bottom of the jar.

The logo "Made in Fenua" (meaning in Tahitian : Country, Earth, Tahiti) shows a 100% local fabrication. That label aims is to promote products and know-how from Fenua, to encourage local people to use and contribute to job creation : our products are our jobs.

Net Weight : 260 g - Keep refrigerated after opening.


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