Tahitian Vanilla Tea 3.2oz Noa Noa

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A mix of Asian tea with tahitian vanilla.

Coffee with Tahitian Vanilla - Fetia

[250 g]

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100% Arabica : roasted with vanilla pods

Tahitian Vanilla Essence

[118ml - 4oz]

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The Tahitian vanilla essence is obtained after maceration of vanilla pods in alcohol.

Tahitian Vanilla Paste in Pot

[100 ml]

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An easy to use food preparation based on real vanilla pods from Tahiti.

4 First Class Tahitian Vanilla Beans

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A vanilla first class "Vanille de Tahiti"

Arranged Rum - Tahitian Vanilla

[50cl - 16.9Fl.oz]

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Arranged Rum with Polynesian flavors : Tahitian vanilla.

TAOFE Box - 4 Polynesian Coffees 15%

TAOFE Box - 4 Polynesian Coffees


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In Tahitian language, coffee is called Taofe : a tasting pack for ground coffee lovers

Tahitian Vanilla Cream

[70 cl]

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For lovers of sweet and savory flavors : aperitif, digestif or cocktail



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Tahitian vanilla in all its forms (8 products)

ARII Box 30%


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Arii means king in the Polynesian language