Tahitian Vanilla Essence

Tahitian Vanilla Essence

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[118ml - 4oz]


[118ml - 4oz]
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The Tahitian vanilla essence is obtained after maceration of vanilla pods in alcohol.

The liquid resulting is then filtered and by using the phenomenon of evaporation, only the principles of aromatic vanilla are keeping. A few drops of vanilla essence are enough to make a delicious perfume of exoticism to your meal.

Easy to use, you can add a few drops of vanilla essence in your sweet or salty sauces, use it for the preparation of several desserts (creams, ice cream, pastries, pancakes, yogurt…), or to flavor cocktails.

Capacity: 4 fl.oz (118 ml net)

The Tahitian Vanilla

Vanilla is a rare spice of the Orchidaceous family. Its culture and its preparation require attentive and extensive care for a richly aromatic spice. It is especially appreciated for its taste and smells as much restoration as cosmetology.

There are several varieties of vanilla. In Polynesia, the predominant variety is Vanilla Tahitensis, which is characterized by typical sweet notes of flowers and chocolate. The Tahitian vanilla is highly sought-after and is regarded as a luxurious, rare and expensive vanilla. It is mainly grown in the Society Islands : Raiatea, Tahaa (nicknamed the vanilla island) and Huahine.

The vanilla pod is still two years on foot before being harvested. Then several meticulous operations which are spread over 4 to 6 months so that the pod take this beautiful brown color, emits its aroma and can be preserved. At the end of their refining, the pods are sorted; the length determines the value of vanilla. They are wide, wrinkled, bright, brown regular and non cracked.