Dry white wine Pineapple - Half bottle

Dry white wine Pineapple - Half bottle

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[37,5 cl / 13.2Fl.oz]
from Manutea


[37,5 cl / 13.2Fl.oz]

Pineapple replaces grapes

If the Pineapple Dry White wine cannot be qualified as wine, it is because it is not produced from grape but from the pineapple Queen Tahiti. The method of transformation is unique and natural. Its taste so fruity is perfect with desserts or fish.

Origine and soil

Stemming from a character soil, the Dry White of Pineapple is produced from the pineapple Queen Tahiti considered as one of the best pineapple varieties in the world for its taste so perfumed. This fruit grows in the red and generous lands of the caldera of the former volcano of Moorea island. At the foot of the Rotui mount, humidity and heat combine to offer the pineapple Queen Tahiti its taste unanimously recognized.


Besides its unique taste, this variety is one of the rare to the world not needing to be treated against insects and mushrooms. Our planters of pineapple practise an integrated farm management and envisage an organic labelling of their production.

The key of its success is based on a precise selection of the pineapple which will give its beautiful golden color, a perfumed nose, an harmonious mouth.


Then this is the preparation of the juice, the must in oenological language. A new technique, which we keep secret, grants an exceptional aromatic potential.

During the alcoholic fermentation of the must, specific yeasts are added to return this successful transformation both from the point of view of the yields and on the organoleptic plan. This operation of 10-12 days is realized in thermoregulated tanks maintaining the must between 18 and 21°C, ideal temperature of fermentation. We also use a wine storehouse with barrels which allows the launch on the market of special vintages. To insure the gustative quality of our Dry White pineapple, we chose tanks of the brand Mangeard, the official partner of vintage wines of Bordeaux.

To aerate and favor the self-destruction of yeasts, we practise, at the same time as the fermentation, the bâtonnage. This secular gesture consists in moving daily with a stick, in barrels of French oak, dregs got back at the bottom of the tank of fermentation. These barrels of oak, from the reference brand Taransaud - Bordeaux medium toasted - bring an aromatic wealth.

As for a more traditional wine making, come then the stages of collage and clarification. Finally, before being bottled, the obtained product is kept in a guard-wine (tank with floating hat).


It must be tasted freshly, between 8 and 12 °C. Our objective: marry our local gastronomy with fishes with a local and original dry white, our white wine Pineapple ! It sublimates a raw fish as well as a lemony fish filet on the steakhouse or a Mahi-Mahi wipes vanilla. It reveals the slightly acid desserts, the flans and the sherbets. It should finally transform the Pavlova pastry for dessert of king.


  • Eye : A beautiful mesmerizing dress with a color of a brilliant and crystal clear gold which catches the eye with its sunny reflections.
  • Nose : A flavor dominated by the aroma of pineapple Queen Tahiti enriched by the other notes of exotic fruits. We can find flavors of banana, lemon and vanilla.
  • Mouse : The attack in mouth is fresh and fruity. We find a beautiful balance in mouth accompanied with a good freshness during the tasting. Finale is long ending on a pleasant flavor of pineapple, leaving taste buds on the alert.


A bottle of Bordeaux type, well known in Polynesia, was chosed to associate the product with the universe of the wine. The label is classic and sober. The vintage of the vineyard is specified, which is important because the pineapple fruit can thus have a tasteful evolution according to a too dry or too wet season. Finally, we chose a cork rather than a capsule aluminum to stay in the tradition of French wines.

To avoid any damage each bottle is separately sent from other products of your order, in a specific packaging.

Bottle : 37,5 cl / 13.2Fl.oz - 10% alcohol - Serve lightly chilled, between 8 et 12° C - The alcohol abuse is dangerous for the health, to consume in moderation.