Flowers from Tahiti Bingo

Flowers from Tahiti Bingo

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Final break - Discontinued (curved cardboard box)

A board game for early-learning activities and discovery : Flowers from Tahiti (French language). For an original present , to remember Tahiti, to dream and escape under the sun of islands, this game of bingo proposes caskets with themes : tropical Fishes, Landscapes of Polynesia, Flowers and Fruits of Tahiti.

Every casket contains 6 boards bound of 6 photos and 36 images to be positioned on boards.

Small and light, the casket can be easily slipped into a schoolbag or into a bag and can be taken everywhere : to the beach, in the nature after a ballad, at a friend’s and why not at school if the schoolteacher agrees ?!

Rules of the game :

- Distribute boards between the players (NB: for 2 players : 3 boards each; for 3 players : 2 boards each, etc.

- Return all the images on the table.

- The first player (drawn lots) chooses an image.

- If the image corresponds to an image of its board, he positions it above and pulls another image. Otherwise he puts back the image on the table and lets play the following player.

- The winner is the first one who completed his boards with the corresponding images.

- NB: the child can also play alone and position the images on each board.