Tarot Card Game - Tahiti

Tarot Card Game - Tahiti

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78 cards with tahitian patterns

The cards are illustrated by the painter Gotz. Differents motives are drawn on the trump cards :

- Traditional objects : Outrigger Canoe or Vaa, Sculpted Rows, Fishhook, Umete (wooden dish), Pestle, Headache, Spear, Nose flute, Drums
- Sacred objects and ancestor worship : Tiki, Marae
- Life scenes : Fishing, Tatoo, Tapa fabrication, Occidentals arrival, Dancing, Ceremonial dress.

The translation of each figure is written in tahitian language :

- King : Arii
- Queen : Arii Vahine
- Rider : To’a
- Jack : Ahi-Tu

All the figures are represented with traditional ceremonial dress with polynesain tatoo motives. Each color is categorized :

- Spade : Marquisian islands
- Heart : Tahiti
- Diamond : Hawaï
- Club : Maori

The 78 cards are stored in a cardboard-wrapped box.


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