Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil

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[60 ml]

[60 ml]
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Healing, soothing and regenerating properties (after-sun, anti-aging, after-shave formulas...)

The “Tamanu” is a big and majestic tree of the Tahitian coral soil. It produces round fruits twice a year. These nuts are used in marquesas crafts to make necklaces.

For centuries, they also extract a great oil wealth. Naturally moisturizing, the “tamanu” virgin oil is widely used in "Taurumi Maohi," the Polynesian massage. Its healing, soothing and regenerating properties make it a suitable and recommended ingredient in the after-sun, anti-aging or after-shave formulas.

The work done on this oil and its composition draws the attention of the scientific community. The Tamanu molecules are indeed among the most promising of the plant world and are the subject of substantial work in the medical field for their healing and antibiotics properties.

You can use this oil for massage, as soothing care after sunburn, as healing application after an insect bite or any other irritation of the upper layers of the epidermis.

The Tamanu virgin oil (60 ml net) is exempt from 26 allergenic substances listed in Directive 2003/15/EC on cosmetics.


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