Postcard - French Polynesia Islands

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Aerial views of Society islands

Fenua'Orama - Women magazine

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The unique monthly magazine of the local women's in French Polynesia : the magazine of all the vahin

Pito Ma 2 Haere Maru (French Edition)

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Tahitian comics trip

Comic strip Made in Tahiti (French language)

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The title « Haaviti » in Tahitian language means « Hurry up » !

Maisons du Fenua

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A quarterly magazine on the lifestyle in French Polynesia (french language)

Tahitian Bible

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New Testament

CD Book: Christmas under the stars of Tahiti

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13 songs and nursery rhymes with 1 Christmas-themed tale in Tahiti

CD Book : Rhymes of Tahiti

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14 rhymes in Tahitian language - Volume 1

CD Book : little songs under the sky of Tahiti

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12 rhymes from Tahiti in French language - Volume 2