Hinano Tahiti Pareo - Ma Chérie - Mulberry

Hinano Tahiti Pareo - Ma Chérie - Mulberry

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Sarong available in 2 colors : mulberry and red

On a mulberry or red bottom, marquisians motives are drawn. They evoke the fauna and the flora of Tahiti and Tiki of the ancestral legends which inspired the traditional tattoos

A white motive on a side of the pareo represent the outline of a side view vahine Hinano. She is dressed with a white flowers pareo, such as the Tiare flower.

On the length of the pareo the Hinano Tahiti mark is written in white.

100% Rayon, the pareo is light and pleasant to wear. Its size (190 x 110 cm) gives you many choice to use it, depending on your desires and your moods : bath sheet, beach sheets, table clothe, bed sheet, laid a couch, bedspread, protects changing table, wall covering, …

In Tahiti and her islands, it is customary to wear the pareo as cloth, for both women and men. Each adjusts it in its own way : wrapped around the waist or knowingly forged around the neck, shoulders and hips, the pareo can be a real wear (loincloth, short, short skirt, long skirt or held more elegant). See various manners to tie a pareo in our guide : how to wear a Pareo / sarong.

Available colors : Mulberry, Red - Size : 190 x 110 cm - 100% Rayon - Hand washing recommended - soft Ironing.

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