White Agricultural Rum 50° Manutea

White Agricultural Rum 50° Manutea

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[70 cl]
from Manutea


[70 cl]

Gold Medal at the 2018 Paris International Rhum-Fest Show

Pure cane juice and 100% made in Tahiti, this rum is made from the O'Tahiti sugar cane, harvested on the island of Tahaa. The crop is grown without herbicide, fungicide or pesticide and the cut is done by hand at full maturity. The cane is milled the same day on the plantation without water supply to guarantee its freshness and give the juice its subtle flavors.

Traditional distillation in still with slow fermentation and three months of ripening allow the rum to grow:
- a rich palette of flavors: mint, pear, hot sugar and especially the white truffle note which has been unanimously appreciated by rum professionals,
- remarkable aromas: sweet, floral and herbaceous notes.

Suggested usage:

It's the musthave of your ti'punchs! Give it a Polynesian touch by adding a few drops of passion fruit or fresh ginger finely grated. It can also be used in cocktails and long drinks.

Capacity: 70 cl - Degree of alcohol: 50% vol.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health, to consume in moderation.