Hydroalcoholic solution Vanilla or Tiare Tahiti - Vanilla

Hydroalcoholic solution Vanilla or Tiare Tahiti - Vanilla

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No-rinse disinfectant solution: formulation recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for hand antisepsis. 75% Alcohol.

Ideal for hand hygiene, this small bottle will comes with you everywhere and on all occasion (public places, outdoor activities, travel, etc.)

- Vanilla: Alcohol 75%, Aqua, Hydrogen peroxide, Glycerine, Perfume, Cocos Nucifera seed oil.
- Tiare Flower: Alcohol 75%, Aqua, Hydrogen peroxide, Glycerin, Perfume, Cocos Nucifera seed oil, Gardenia Tahitensis flower exctract.

Instruction manual:
- for hands: fill the palm of one hand with the solution and rub the entire surface of the hands until the skin is dry (20-30 seconds).
- for disinfecting surfaces (toilet seat, handles, switches, elevator buttons, etc.) and objects (keys, etc.): pour a few drops (on a tissue, toilet paper, paper towel, clean cloth, etc.) and rub the surface or object. Let dry.

Precautions for use: External use on healthy skin. Avoid contact with eyes, do not swallow, keep out of children, keep away from heat, flammable.

Capacity: 75 ml / 2.64 fl.oz - Spray bottle


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