For the beach

Hair Clip Tiare Tahiti Flower - Small size

[5 cm]

Out of stock Rp82,425

Hair clip : Tiare flower

Hibiscus Flower for Ear or Hair

Out of stock Rp94,445

Ornamental flower : red hibiscus

Hair Clip Tiare Tahiti Flower - Big Size

[8.5 cm]

Out of stock Rp116,769

Hair clip : Tiare flower


Out of stock Rp206,063

Flowers Cap


Out of stock Rp214,649

A tropical cap mixed gender

Pareo Buckle in Tahitian Mother-of-Pearl

Out of stock Rp257,578

To tie a sarong, hide the knot with a nice buckle

Pareo Hinano Tahiti - Purotu


Out of stock Rp437,883

The vahine: a symbol of beauty and femininity

Pareo Hinano Tahiti - Papetoai


Out of stock Rp437,883

A geometrically patterned sarong

Hinano Towel - Tehura


Out of stock Rp566,672

A chic and mixed gender bath towel

BEACH Box Tane 26%

BEACH Box Tane

Out of stock Rp1,560,924 Rp1,157,900

The perfect beach kit : for Men

BEACH Box Vahine 25%

BEACH Box Vahine

Out of stock Rp1,563,843 Rp1,172,839

The perfect beach kit : for Girls