Tiare SPA Box


Tiare SPA Box

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A Polynesian Spa at home : with Monoi from Tahiti and Tiare flower (7 products)

The Box Tiare Spa combines all the ingredients for relaxation and wellbeing, such as a real beauty ritual Tahitian :

- To take advantage of benefits of Monoi oil with appropriate cares : a pleasant scented bath, an hair mask with Monoi oil, a skin soft and moisturized thanks to body lotion,

- To enhance the bath : few drops of Monoi in the bath water to perfume and soften the skin, a mild soap or scented shower gel

- To create a typical Tahitian atmosphere nice perfumed with tiare flower : a few sprays of the room spray will be sufficient to embalm the room and your linen,

- All for relaxation : it will be stimulated with a Tea with tahitian flavors, to be enjoyed hot or iced.

Composition of the Box : 7 different products