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4 scented products with Frangipanier flowers

To enhance your daily of pure olfactory pleasures :
- Under shower or bath (shower gel)
- For body care (Monoi and Body Lotion) and hairs (Monoi)
- To perfume the house (Room spray)

The Frangipani is a tree that grows in tropical areas.

The scientic name Plumeria has been given in honor of the French botanist Charles Plumier in XVIIth century. Its common name Frangipani comes from an Italian marquis in the XVIth century, Frangipani, who created a perfume based on plumeria.

It is also called Tipanie in Tahiti. Its very fragrant flowers are used to make flowers necklaces and crowns, to adorn the hair, in cosmetics (Monoi), to decorate and perfume the house.