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Arii means king in the Polynesian language

To go further in our knowledge of Polynesia, this pack of the King will delight all your senses:

Pleasure of the body through the Tamanu massage oil, Polynesian body oil or scented soap. Their exceptional virtues will be well enchanting for you.

Palate pleasure at tea time, around a coffee or sipping exotic liquors.

Eyes pleasure with the mother-of-pearl or basketry in Pandanus leaves. Imagine all the variety of handicrafts that draws its inspiration from the simplest wonders offered by nature.

This pack will seduce and surprise you: cast a spell on Polynesian magic, you can glimpse the true foundations of a myth approachable by everyone.

The sarong and liquors shown in the picture are not contractual; you could receive a sarong in a different color or liquors of other fruits.


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Monoi Tahiti oil Tamanu (Kamani) - 4.2oz - Tiki25%

Monoi Tahiti oil Tamanu (Kamani) - 4.2oz - Tiki

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