Tropical liqueurs and spirits

Tropical liqueurs and spirits

Tropical liqueurs and spirits

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Enjoy our assortment of 3 mignonettes scented perfume of the islands.

The nature offers taste that Polynesians are able to transform to obtain all the subtleties. Distilled in the rules of art with a copper still, these liqueurs and spirits have been carefully selected.

From a level of alcohol between 17 to 40 degrees and a capacity of 3cl, this mixture of sweets will let you discover flavors subtle, naturals and intoxicating.

You can drink these tropical liqueurs and spirits as digestive or use its as a cocktail base for a foretaste of paradise.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to health, to consume in moderation.

Quantity: 3 mignonnettes of 3cl (1fl.oz.)

This is a non contractuel picture, so that you can receive any flavour. If you have a preference between liquors (orange, banana, grapefruit, pineapple, pineapple-coconut, ginger), spirit (pineapple, ginger), vanilla cream, coconut cream, white or brown rum, thank you to let us know in the area "add a comment to your order" when ordering. We will do our best to satisfy your choice, depending on stock availability.

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