Hinano Beer - Gold (EMPTY)

-20% Hinano Beer - Gold (EMPTY)

Hinano Beer - Gold (EMPTY)

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[33cl / 11.15FL.Oz]

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[33cl / 11.15FL.Oz]

Caution : Empty can for collectors !

To reply to the collectors request, this can is sold empty in order to decrease the shippment costs.

As an empty can can be damaged more easily during the shippment, we cannot be responsible about any damage on this product. Before buying you have to agree to take this risk without any complaint in case of damage.

A special beer to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Brasserie de Tahiti.

Its golden color earned him the appellation of Gold. With 6 % alcohol, it is a little stronger than the classic Hinano, with a fruity taste and slight bitterness .

A chic and stylish cop, black with golden inscriptions : "Celebrating 100 years of the Brasserie de Tahiti" and "Hinano Tahiti beer". The logo of the famous vahine is also shown in the can : sitting cross-legged , wearing a red pareo flowers, a red hibiscus flower in her ear and a crown of tiare flowers in her long hair.

The abuse of alcohol alters the behavior and prohibits driving a vehicle. This reference is also listed in Tahitian : E fa'a'iao imura'ava huru i te o te e ta'ata , e'opani fa'ahoro ia i te ho'e faura'o."

Can of 33 cl - Sold empty


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