Calendar 2015 - Symbol of French Polynesia (little size)

Calendar 2015 - Symbol of French Polynesia (little size)

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Tahiti and her islands in 12 topics : Pocket Size A6 - Made in Tahiti

Useful informations :

  • 12 pages calendar with two pages which illustrate each month of the year : a picture in a large size + the ephemeris of the month
  • Days in French, English and Tahitian language
  • Lunar planner and Seasons
  • Almanac and ephemeris in French (Name days, National and annual days)
  • Calendar to hang on the wall through the hole provided for that purpose
  • Dimensions: 15 x 10,5 cm (when closed)

12 topics with comments (in french language only):

- Janvier : The Black pearl
- Février : The Pineapple
- Mars : Gauguin
- Avril : The sarong (Pareo)
- Mai : The Coconut
- Juin : The Braiding
- Juillet : Flowers headband
- Aout : The surf
- Septembre : The Maitai (Cocktail)
- Octobre : The Monoi oil
- Novembre : The Dugout racing (vaa)
- Décembre : The Tipanié (frangipani) flower

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