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- ARII Box : 90.73 € 63.51 €
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- PUROTU Box : 44.40 € 33.74 €
- BEACH Box Vahine : 91.07 € 68.30 €

The pareo (sarong) is a square of colorful, shimmering and gays patterned material. From local manufacture, the patterns evoke the fauna and flora of Tahiti - exotic flowers, plants or symbolic mythical animals - which inspired the ancient and traditional tattoos. Today they still inspired Polynesian art.

In Tahiti and her islands, it is customary to wear the pareo as cloth, for both women and men. Each adjusts it in its own way: wrapped around the waist or knowingly forged around the neck, shoulders and hips, the pareo can be a real wear (loincloth, short, short skirt, long skirt or held more elegant).

In cotton net, the pareo is light, very resistant and machine washable. Its dimensions (180 x 120 cm) give you many choice to use it, depending on your desires and your moods: bath sheet, beach sheets, table clothe, bed sheet, laid a couch, bedspread, protects changing table, wall covering, …

Pareo is declined in various colors of bottom and motives, with the following dominant : red, green, yellow, mauve, purple. To choose your dominant color, please indicate 5 choices in preference order on commentary of the order form. We will do our best to get satisfaction, depending on stock availability.

Size: 180 x 120 cm - Non contractuel pictures. All the pattern are not identical.