Monoi Tahiti Vanilla fragrance Bar Soap - Tiki

Monoi Tahiti Vanilla fragrance Bar Soap - Tiki

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Surgras soap enriched with Tahiti Monoi oil

Composed of natural vegetable ingredients, the Tiki surgras soap enriched with Monoi and Vitamin E, leaves the skin clean and soft. It is tolerated even by the most sensitive skins.

Delicately scented with Vanilla, it leaves on the skin a subtle fragrance that awakens all the senses. The soap can be used for face and body with greater respect for the most sensitive skins.

Composition : Sodium Palmate, Sodium palm kernelate, Palm acid, Palm kernel acid, Aqua, Glycerin, sodium chloride, Fragrance, Cocos nucifera oil, Gardenia tahisensis flower, Tocopherol.

Net Weight: 130 g