Polished Mother-of-pearl (9-10 cm)

[9-10 cm]

In stock 10.00 €

An object of refined decoration

seashell bracelet

In stock 16.00 €

A true good luck charm, the shell bracelet evokes the return to fenua.

Necklace of seashells

Out of stock 3.50 €

Real lucky charm, the necklace of shells evokes the return to “fenua” in a relatively close futu

Braided Headband in Tahitian Vegetable Fibers

Out of stock 4.50 €

Accessory for short or long hair

Hair Clip Tiare Tahiti Flower - Small size

[5 cm]

Out of stock 4.80 €

Hair clip : Tiare flower

Hibiscus Flower for Ear or Hair

Out of stock 5.50 €

Ornamental flower : red hibiscus

Hair Clip Tiare Tahiti Flower - Big Size

[8.5 cm]

Out of stock 6.80 €

Hair clip : Tiare flower

CD Book : Rhymes of Tahiti

Out of stock 14.50 €

14 rhymes in Tahitian language - Volume 1

CD Book : little songs under the sky of Tahiti

Out of stock 14.50 €

12 rhymes from Tahiti in French language - Volume 2

Pareo Buckle in Tahitian Mother-of-Pearl

Out of stock 15.00 €

To tie a sarong, hide the knot with a nice buckle

Pareo Hinano Tahiti - Papetoai


Out of stock 25.50 €

A geometrically patterned sarong