Tahiti Drink Glass

Tahiti Drink Glass

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from Manutea

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with a Vahine of Tahiti

This cylindrical-shaped transparent high glass is a made of glass slightly flared tumbler with rather thick walls, halfway between collins and highball glass. The flat and thick bottom is red coloured and chiseled to highlight the contents.

The inscription "Tahiti Drink" is printed in black capital letters. The motif represents a Tahitian vahine in red sarong (pareo), with an hibiscus flower placed behind the ear on a long hair: the vahine is the symbol of all Polynesia and represents the sweetness of life in the islands.

To enjoy the Polynesian myth, this glass will be used to serve your refreshments at any time of the day (still, sparkling or carbonated water, sodas, milk drinks, fruit or vegetable juices, orangeade and lemonade, drinks in syrup, iced tea...) as well as aperitifs (punch, cocktails and long drinks).

Dishwasher and microwave are not recommended to avoid printing alteration.

Content 32 to 39 cl (filled up to the brim)- Height 14 cm - Diameter 6,5 cm.