Tahitian Lagoon fish calendar 2014

Tahitian Lagoon fish calendar 2014

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With American holidays shown

This calendar is about 12 pages.

Two pages illustrate each month of the year: on the first page a picture of a lagoon fish with descand the second, the ephemeris of the month with a brief description of the picture. American holidays are included.

To hang on the wall through the hole provided for that purpose or to browse when you want, this calendar will provide you a few moments to escape everyday.

Pictures : Humpback whale, Large dolphin, Scissortail sergeant, Bluelined snapper / Paddletail snapper, Manta ray, Forster's Hawkfish, Orangefin Anemofish, Variegated lizardfish, Hawksbill sea turtle, Leaffish, Steephead parrotfish, Convict surgeonfish.

Size : 11 x 8,5 inches