Fruit juice BIO - Mango Nectar

Fruit juice BIO - Mango Nectar

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[Rotui 1L]


[Rotui 1L]

Organic certified - Fruit content 70 % minimum - No added sugars, colourings or preservatives

For a natural and healthy diet, this nectar only contains naturally occurring sugars in fruits.

The virtues of mango:

Deliciously tasty, juicy and tender, mango is a fruit that should not be hesitated to consume regularly. Mango is probably the fruit that has the best combination of antioxidants and fiber. This fruit is known for its preventive action on premature aging. It is the fruit best provided in carotene or provitamin A.

The mango is almost as well provided with vitamin C (44 mg/100g) as the orange which is the reference fruit. Furthermore, its action is multiplied by the presence of vitamin PP. Mango contains 2 to 8 times more vitamin E than most other fresh fruits.

Mango is the fruit with the most iron (1.2 mg/100g), the other fruits rarely exceeding 0.4 mg/100g. It is therefore an ideal fruit for people who lack it, especially pregnant women and adolescent girls.

Finally, mango is a low-calorie fruit (60 kcal/100 g), hardly more than the pear (50 kcal/100 g) thus enabling it to appear under many dietary regimes.

Ingrédients : water, mango puree from organic farming (40%), white grape juice from concentrate from organic farming, acidifier: citric acid, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

Ecology : cardboard packaging that is carbon neutral and is made from responsibly managed forests.

Net Volume : 1L - Shake before serving - Store in a cool place and consume quickly after opening.