Bra coconut (Titi Coco) Children - Under 8 years old

Bra coconut (Titi Coco) Children - Under 8 years old

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In Tahitian language, the "titi" means "chest of the woman." Thus, the "titi coco" as we heard frequently in the current language means a bra on coconuts. Cut in half a coconut, then it is polished and lacquered for greater comfort. It adapts easily to standard sizes for women. More flat, the model for girls is dug in younger and smaller coconut : it can be used until puberty according growth.

Women and girls bear the "titi coco" in traditional dances, called "ori tahiti". They are dressed with a simple sarong tied around the waist and this “titi coco”. This suit is currently exhibited at the dance school gala. The Tahitian dance is indeed an integral part of local life and is learning as by girls than women.

Avalaible on order only (about 48 to 72 hours). Please indicate how old is the girl as ordering, in order to deliver you the good size.

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