DELUX Tiare Box

DELUX Tiare Box

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Beauty, Fragrance, Delicacy : with Tiare flower (7 products)

As a real symbol of all Polynesia, this little white flower (Gardenia Tahistensis) with an incomparable fragrance is traditionally offered in welcome. In everyday life, it is bring behind the ear as a true vegetable and fragrant jewel.

Thanks to this Deluxe Box, you will make a dream stopover in Tahiti. A great opportunity to see how the Tiare flower is also used :

- For Cosmetics : it is a basic ingredient for the manufacture of Monoi (a perfumed oil). From this oil with recognized nutritional properties, a range of care products is developed, such as Bar Soap or scented Bath salts.

- For Perfumery : Tiare flower reveal all its fragrances in an Eau de Toilette presented in a pretty bottle, or through a Room spray to perfume the house and textiles.

- For Delicatessen: Tiare flower petals are used to flavor the Tiare Jam.

Composition of the Box : 7 differents products.