Set of 6 mini jam

Set of 6 mini jam

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[6 x 30g / 1.06oz]

[6 x 30g / 1.06oz]
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Ideal to discover unexpected flavors

These jams are manufactured based on Fruits (guava, papaya, pineapple, banana, coconut, lemon), flowers (hibiscus, tiare Tahiti) or Spice (ginger, vanilla) that grow in Tahiti.

Consistencies can be different (jam, marmalade or jelly) and can be a blend of several flavors (papaya-pineapple, guava-vanilla, lemon-vanilla, ...).

All basic ingredients are seasonal and can be temporarily out of stock. Each set is made randomly according to the seasonal harvest.

The pots are covered with colorful, shimmering and gays fabrics, called pareo fabric, with typical Polynesian designs : an idea for an original gift.

Ingredients : fruits or flowers petals or spices, sugar.

Set of 6 mini jars of 30g / 1.06oz - Keep refrigerated after opening.