Breadfruit flour - Uru

Breadfruit flour - Uru

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For the first time in French polynesia, breadfruit flour - biological, gluten-free and 100% made in Tahiti

The breadfruit is called Uru in Tahitian langage. The trees is widely present in Tahiti and the high islands. Breadfruit trees grow to a height of 85 feet and each fruit can weigh up to 2kg.

In Tahiti island it is mainly cooked in smothered Tahitian oven called ahi ma'a, with or without accompaniment. A very popular preparation is done by eviscerating the central part of breadfruit once cooked, and stuffed with the local corned beef called punu puatoro.

In Marquesas island the breadfruit is prepared mashed, called Kaku. Once the fruit cooked, it is beaten for an hour with a gradually adjunction of coconut milk. A similar preparation called popoi with stronger taste, is done with fermented breadfruit. The breadfruit is called Mei in Marquesan.

Breadbruit flour have a nice beige color, it looks like traditionnal flour but is not as fine in touch. This flour is 100% natural and gluten-free, perfectly recommended if you are allergic to this protein.

Manufacturing is 100% artisanal and manual: the breadfruit are harvested in French Polynesia, dried with the Tahiti s sun, finely ground and rapped. This long manual labor and the cost of the breadfruit explains the price which may seem high.

The Tahitien contractor began operations in February 2013. Many developments are underway to increase this production which is still confidential.

Sold in packs of 400 grams - Ingredients: 100% of breadfruit

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